Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Neocons at it again with Iran

Real neocons never die, they just shut up for a while. Now they're crying for war with Iran, again. Will these dufuses ever learn? Are they insane?

Iran is a country that can actually HURT us and our allies at home, unlike Iraq and Afghanistan. They have been preparing for this eventuality for years: just as we've been war-gaming, they've been preparing to make terrorist strikes.

And morally, if not legally, what would stop them if we declared unilateral war on them first? Our cries of, "Hey, that's not fair!" won't matter much when they're blowing us up where we live.

"We can destroy Iran's army in two weeks," this neocon duo wrote, as if that would be the end of conflict. Yeah, right! It would only be the start; and Iran's terror cells are global. So I rank that prediction right up there with, "They'll greet us with flowers"!

A step short of unprovoked attack -- "crippling" sanctions -- won't work; they won't turn the local population against Iran's supreme leaders, Iranians will rightly blame us for their misery. And ordinary people, not the clerics and Revolutionary Guard, would be the ones to suffer. That is always the way with sanctions. It happened under Saddam; it's happening now in Cuba. Sanctions just don't work.

Remember what happens when we listen to neocons: We get wars we could and should have avoided, draining us of U.S. blood and treasure!

By Reuel Marc Gerecht and Mark Dubowitz
January 17, 2012 | Bloomberg

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