Monday, February 20, 2012

Facebook too shall pass

This gives me hope. We may just outlive Facebook and Twitter. But even if we don't...

... Just think, a thousand years from now digital archaeologists might dig up the remains of your LOL cats and vacation photoblog and ask in awe and amazement, "Who were these people?" and "What were they thinking?" Because you'll be long dead but personal data never dies.

(There won't be LinkedIn then either because everybody knows that in the future there is no more money, hence no need for job networking; it'll be a socialistic paradise enabled by rational scientific advancement and one-world government where everybody wears identical unitards and gets along.)

But for those of you crave constant contact with your Facebook, there is also a bright side to a future without it: Perhaps, just perhaps, the posted minutiae of your trek to Starbucks or to pick up your dry cleaning may actually seem interesting to human beings a few millenia from now, as opposed to people today.

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