Wednesday, February 12, 2014

An annual tradition: And the poorest states are...

In 2013, I neglected one of my annual rituals: reminding everybody that the poorest U.S. states vote Republican. Nine out of 10, to be exact, and that's backed up by PolitiFact.  Here it is, the Top 10 list of shame:  

10. Oklahoma
9.  South Carolina
8.  Louisiana
7.  Tennessee 
6.  New Mexico - The only state in the top 10 not in the South. West side represent!
5.  Kentucky - Just like in neighboring Tennessee, 1/4 of children live in poverty.
4.  Alabama - Median household income: $41,574, despite having the lowest property tax, and being the second most religious state.
3.  West Virginia
2.  Arkansas
1.  Mississippi - Median household income: $37,095. Official motto: "Making other states feel better about themselves."

Next in the ritual comes the part when I remind you how Red States are also more likely to be federal welfare queens, i.e. they receive more federal money than they pay to Washington in taxes.

This year I'll offer a rebuttal to that: Granted, if you look at all elections, or number of registered Republicans, and not just how these states voted in presidential races, then defining a "Red State" gets trickier. But since Republicans and Democrats use the same Red-Blue state labels, that argument doesn't hold much water with me.  

Finally, I conclude this ritual by lamenting all those poor, hypocritical reactionaries in Flyover Country who vote against their own economic interests.

Till next year!....

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