Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Theologians: U.S. campaign finance system is unjust

[HT: NPR]  Just in case any of my Judeo-Christian conservative friends actually care what their Judeo-Christian theologians think...

... They agree that America's pay-to-play political system with unlimited political contributions is unjust. Here's the report's conclusion [emphasis mine]:

How can religious teachings help us shape a more just role for money in the American political system? What kind of theological principles should be applied to the problem? The ten theologians introduced in this volume offer many compelling candidates: Heed the voice of the poorest Americans. Develop a theology of corporations. Remember that justice requires a multiplicity of voices and fair economic outcomes – not just fair procedures

With $6 billion running through our election cycles and many more dollars spent on lobbying, it is time for people of faith and moral commitment to get more involved in reforming the role of money in American politics. We are called to apply the teachings and wisdom of our religious traditions. We are called to raise our voices and offer constructive action for a more just political system.

I've said it before: if we could fix campaign finance, most of America's intractable political problems would take care of themselves, because the majority usually knows what's best -- the One Percent just doesn't let them get their way most times.

June 2014
Auburn Theological Seminary

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