Friday, March 9, 2012

Obama the best thing for U.S. gun sales ever

"Some say..."?! That headline is just lib'rul media hesitancy to call a conservative spade a spade. That's like, "Some say Obama's race has something to do with his unpopularity among white Southerners."

Gee, ya think?

"Last year, the FBI received more than 16.3 million inquiries from people running criminal background checks on potential gun buyers. That's up from 12.7 million in 2008 and 11.4 million in 2007, FBI records show."

Perhaps counter-intuitively, federal regulation (or just the whiff of it) is the best boon for gun sales. Clearly, despite Obama's failure to propose any gun control legislation or significant federal regulation, the best thing for the U.S. firearms industry would be a second Obama term. (Just like the best tonic for the growth of "Patriot" groups in the U.S. is a Democrat in the White House!)

By Anna M. Tinsley
March 5, 2012 | Fort Worth Star-Telegram

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