Wednesday, November 6, 2013

McAuliffe's win and Obamacare spin

Wow, the headline below is awfully ballsy spin by "Fair & Balanced" FoxNews. They're flirting with yellow journalism

(They employ a typical FOX tactic: it's OK to write a stupid and inflammatory headline as long as it ends with a question mark.  Example: "John Stossel To Sell Children's Kidneys on Free Market?").

Let's recall that Terry McAuliffe was losing in the polls to his Republican rival Ken Cuccinelli, 38 to 40 percent, back in March. By August McAuliffe was up only 6 percentage points.  His margin spiked to double-digits during the federal government shutdown, very unpopular with Virginia residents, but after the shutdown his lead returned to about only 6 points.  

McAuliffe probably shouldn't have had a chance. He is a Clintonista carpetbagger who never held political office, and was tied to shady business dealings. There hasn't been a Virginia governor from the same party as the U.S. President since 1977. And McAuliffe already lost once to a popular Republican candidate for Virginia's governor. 

The reason he came back and won this time? Mainly because Cuccinelli is a Tea Party kook who staked out all sorts of far-right positions on abortion, gay rights and climate science. 

As a result, pre-election polls had McAuliffe leading Cuccinelli among women voters 58 to 34 percent!

Money was certainly a factor. McAuliffe was literally a professional fundraiser, he knows how. But notably, the conservative Chamber of Commerce declined to contribute to Cuccinelli's campaign, although they kicked in $1 million for the GOP candidate Bob McDonnell last election. Why? Because Cuccinelli's too kooky.

So this election certainly was not a 'No' vote on Obamacare, it was a 'No' vote on the Tea Party.  Cuccinelli became the GOP nominee through a state convention instead of the usual primary vote, where he probably would have lost to a GOP rival. The Tea Parties hijacked the convention and -- voila! -- kook for a candidate.

And so to my dear Tea Party Republicans I say, please keep doing what you're doing!  You keep setting 'em up and we'll keep knocking 'em down, OK?

Angry Virginians make gov race close

    • Democrat Terry McAuliffe (middle, between Sens. Mark Warner and Tim Kaine) wins a surprisingly close Virginia governor's race over Republican rival Ken Cuccinelli as the troubled rollout of ObamaCare looms over the vote.

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