Tuesday, March 18, 2014

British gov't. to Russia: Crimea ain't Scotland

Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes: last year Russia passed a law banning "separatist propaganda" -- exactly the kind of propaganda that it funded in Crimea for months.  

So now if any newly minted Russian citizens in Crimea have second thoughts about joining up and agitate for returning to Ukraine... they can be legally convicted and thrown in jail.  

That door swings only one way, my Crimean friends!

Anyhow, the UK flatly rejected Russia's comparison of the hastily organized and sloppily conducted Crimean referendum -- with no OSCE or UN observers -- to the Scottish referendum that is still six months away, and has the UK government's full blessing.  

By Matt Ford
March 17, 2014 | The Atlantic 

URL: http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2014/03/uk-to-russia-crimea-isnt-scotland/284455/

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