Thursday, March 13, 2014

Limbaugh encapsulates idiocy on Ukraine and foreign policy

This whole segment from Rush's show is idiotic. That's a given. But I'm posting it to illustrate two points -- OK, three.

First, the Zero-Responsibility Wing of the GOP (and that includes the Tea Parties) can say whatever they like to badmouth Obama and that's just fine because they're not in charge.  Which leads me to...

...Second, notice here that Rush and his Zero-Responsibility Wing offer no specific instructions what Obama SHOULD do instead. And that's no accident, because Rush is not an idiot. He's an "entertainer," he's a charlatan, but he's not an idiot.  He knows that the U.S. cannot very well insert itself militarily in Ukraine to liberate Crimea from Russian occupation without risking World War III.  So what can the U.S. do?  Rush is silent on that -- yet still critical of President Obama.

Third and finally, just remember this moment next time there's a Republican POTUS in office and Republicans tell Democrats to get in line and "respect the office" or "put partisanship aside" because "politics end at the border."  What Republicans are doing now to undermine President Obama and do their best to make him look weak is the basest form of political partisanship -- especially since they won't suggest anything materially different than what Obama is already doing.  Not the least of which, because, so much depends on agreement with sanctions against Russia by the European Union -- sanctions which require robust U.S. diplomacy.  You know, that gum-flapping, useless talkin' stuff.  Yeah, diplomacy actually still matters, my neocon friends, word up!

March 13, 2014 | The Rush Limbaugh Show

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