Wednesday, March 5, 2014

(NRO) Conrad Black: Ukraine will prevail...sort of

Here is the bleakly optimistic (excuse the non sequitur) upshot on Ukraine from Conrad Black over at the conservative NRO [emphasis mine]:

Ukraine will be independent, possibly after a partition to save Russia’s ill-favored face, possibly even after repulsing a general Russian assault, and it will join the West. German influence will prevail over Russian in Eastern Europe, and the West will ultimately show Russia the way to being a great nationality not only in cultural, folkloric, and geographic terms, but as a civil society. This is a contest we cannot lose, not because our leaders seem to have much idea how to deal with it, unlike some of their recent forebears, but because they have every moral and material advantage over Russia, and if their incompetence deprives Ukraine of a swift resolution of this conflict, it will only be because that incompetence will induce Putin into adventurism Russia cannot support, a minor updated reprise of the failed occupation of Eastern Europe after World War II and the insane foray into the unremitting primitiveness of Afghanistan. Putin’s ego and braggadocio will, if necessary, insure us against the maladroitness of most of the West’s current statesmen. We could do worse, though some days it seems otherwise.

For my part, I aver that the West cannot accept any partition of Ukraine.  Partition = defeat!

By Conrad Black
March 5, 2014 | National Review

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