Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why Egypt won't be another Iran

I boiled this analysis down to its key points for you all:

"...the Iranian regime led by Khomeini murderously repressed and sold down the river many in the opposition who supported the uprising in the 1970s. 'The specter of that is very frightening to many Egyptians. Egyptians are very nervous about repeating what happened in Iran.'"

"'No representative system can take root in Egypt without the Brotherhood's participation. But, after spending the last half century battling Islamist political forces, the military leadership will have trouble overcoming its deep disdain for the Brotherhood.'"

"Iran has a lot of oil, and it can afford to be 'more reactionary and revolutionary.' Egypt is dependent on tourism, shipping through the Suez Canal and trade with neighboring countries. 'These types of things bind it to more moderate policies.'"

Could unrest in Egypt produce an Iranian-style regime?
By Joe Sterling
February 4, 2011 CNN


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