Monday, August 12, 2013

Christian-themed [insert product here]

I wonder what God considers an acceptable markup for Christian-inspired products?

Anyway, I must share this quote of ex-model Kylie Bisutti from another interview about her new Christian sportswear label:

According to Bisutti, the line is the first of its kind. “There are actually a few other Christian clothing companies out there, but they namely focus on T-shirts and hats,” she said. “This is really the first one that has jeans, and blazers, and handbags. It’s the first one to cover everything.” She’s most excited about the brand’s range of skinny jeans. “It was really important for me to include them, since it’s such a staple for everyone right now in their clothes,” she said of the style. “Even guys are wearing those now, and so we have skinny jeans for guys as well.”

It's the first one to cover everything, you see?  Because God wants your entire wardrobe, especially your skinny jeans, to honor Him.

Seriously though, this is at once so wrong and so American: to peddle schlock in God's name and then pat oneself on the back for being such a holy roller. No other nation of Christians has the nerve to attempt this.  

Kylie Bisutti: God's earthly vessel. Can I get an 'amen!'

Former Victoria’s Secret Model Dishes on Christian-Themed Clothing Line
By Stephanie Nolasco
August 8, 2013 | Fox News Magazine

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