Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Rush: 'Don't trust Obama!'...'It's too bad people distrust Obama'

Here's the end of a very long rant by Rush Limbaugh today about Obama's order to close 21 embassies in the Middle East and Africa:

But there's another aspect of this that's dangerous. 

The very fact that there are so many people who are cynical about this, the very fact that there are so many Americans who think they're being lied to about a terror threat, is a really dangerous thing.  It is an unhealthy thing for the country.  It is the surest sign of the wanton lack of respect for this country that has swept all across this country.  This threat may be real.  Everything we're being told could be real.  We could be facing something somewhere as bad or worse than 9/11 -- and I dare say, the majority of Americans think it's a lie. 

What does that tell you that what most Americans think of the people who are telling them about this threat? 

They're liars, too. 

Before I comment on that, here's part of a WaPo op-ed by conservative pundit and NSA-spying defender Marc Thiessen that says basically the same thing:

When President Obama dismisses the IRS’ political targeting of his conservative critics as a “phony scandal,” he is not only stretching credulity — he is undermining our nation’s security.

[...] That collapse is a direct result of the disintegration in public trust that has taken place on Obama’s watch. 

Why are Limbaugh and Thiessen both full of shit?

Because they, and the rest of the GOP and talk radio Axis of Evil, spend all day, every day, seeking to undermine the public's trust in Obama, asserting day after day that he hates America, he's a secret socialist, he persecutes Tea Partyers, and on and on.  Then these same scaremongers turn around and bemoan the public's (alleged) lack of trust in Obama when it comes to national security.

The nerve of these self-serving jerks!  ... The same jerks who urged us to rally 'round the flag in the Dubya years, no matter what we thought of him or his foreign policies -- they've never once rallied to Obama.  Hypocrites. We should have nothing but contempt for them.

UPDATE (08.07.2013):  Speaking of hypocrites, why no mention from the Right about how Tom Ridge admitted he was pressured to raise the terror threat level for Dubya just before the 2004 presidential election?  

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