Wednesday, August 21, 2013

No GOP alternative to Obamacare

Bernstein notes that the GOP's motto "repeal and replace" has become simply "repeal." 

They haven't got any idea what to do.  

Once again it's all the Tea Parties' fault... Or rather, the TPs are the embodiment of everything gone wrong with U.S. conservatives:

But conservatives have decided that no policy overlap with Obamacare is acceptable. Tea Partiers have chosen to oppose not only Obamacare but any policy which even faintly resembles any piece of that omnibus legislation. We saw this in the House defeat of Eric Cantor’s high-risk poll bill this spring, when conservatives revolted against his effort to propose a GOP plan protecting those with preexisting conditions.

But that refusal to accept any of the substance of Obamacare has run Republicans right into a brick wall. Thanks to the way that the ACA was put together — it really is a mammoth omnibus bill which incorporated practically every plausible policy idea out there — it turns out that practically everything you can do to provide health insurance is now tainted by Obamacare.

The Tea Parties do have an idea so old it's new again: no health insurance at all. That's right, they want to go back to 1776, when people paid the doc for his services with a pig, a pound, or a freshly baked pie.  

The Tea-Party led GOP has become a party of delusional wreckers and hooligans, not a responsible opposition.  

UPDATE (08.25.2013)I loved the image that this excerpt from a recent op-ed by Eugene Robinson conjures up, especially imagining John Boehner:
[Sen. Ted] Cruz gets to preen before a national audience and demonstrate the fervor of his opposition to Obama and all that he stands for. “If you have an impasse, you know, one side or the other has to blink,” he said recently. “How do we win this fight? Don’t blink.”
The GOP establishment is blinking like crazy.

By Jonathan Bernstein
August 20, 2013 | Washington Post

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