Wednesday, July 16, 2014

5 hysterical myths about U.S. 'border crisis'

Lately I've had the possibility -- nay, the privilege -- to listen to a lot of AM talk radio, and lemme tell you, it's all "border crisis" all the time.

Naturally, since Obama is the Anti-Christ, a cypto-Muslim/Marxist and America-hater, not to mention he's trying to seed America with future America-hating Democratic voters, there are a lot of conspiracy theories surrounding the unfortunate surge of thousands of South American children at our southern border.  

If you're interested in facts, can manage to catch your breath and count to 10, then please read this fact check, courtesy of The Guardian.

By Megan Carpentier, Kayla Epstein, Lauren Gambino, Nadja Popovich and Matt Sullivan
July 15, 2014 | Guardian

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