Sunday, July 13, 2014

Analysts: 'Endless apps will destroy' you

And now in more serious news, here's our latest headline: "Endless Appetizers 'Will Destroy' TGI Fridays: Analyst."

Destroy.  These cheap appetizers will raze TGI Friday's to the ground.  I get a kick out of that imagery.

But what will these endless apps do to the customers ordering them?  Destroy their aorta? Destroy their waistline?  Destroy their taste for un-fried foods?  It's probably too late, it's already happened....

My buddy, who happened to work as a business analyst for a TGIF competitor, wrote:

That article is spot on. The recession caused casual dining chains to scramble for foot traffic. Everybody was doing discounts, promos, etc. Consumers have just gotten used to it. Having an endless appetizer promotion will drive in guests initially but like most other promotion in casual dining, even if it sticks around a long time, it won’t sustain any sort of growth due to it. It really is a desperate move on their part. The thing is, promotions like Buy-One-Get-One and endless whatever just destroy the kitchen labor costs. The restaurants won’t make much, if any money, because of it.

For my part, I'm debating whether I should help destroy TGIF by taking advantage of this "desperate" sale.... After all, casual dining is such a Gen-X thing, now to be replaced with fast-casual / semi-fast / kinda-slow fast food, like Chipotle and Panera, for them young Millennials. Is change always considered progress?....

Which is all a long way to say, once again: It's all Bush's fault.  Dubya's Great Recession spurred casual restaurants to offer desperate promotions which has resulted in their slow death.

Mmmm...Can't get enough of that tasty stuff! Make it endless! [Choke! Cough! Spit!]

By Alexander C. Kaufman
July 9, 2014 | Huffington Post

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