Saturday, June 22, 2013

Socialismo esporte brasileiro chama de 1 milhão às ruas

(I love Google Translate).

A million protesters in the streets in more than 80 cites -- wow!  If only apathetic Americans could get off their asses like that!

It just goes to show that sports socialism and the corrupt cronyism that goes with it are not only American phenomena.  Just like in the U.S., the same governments that can't find money to fund public schools and infrastructure somehow manage to find all kinds of creative ways to build shining new stadiums that sit empty in prime urban real estate most of the year, whether it's through tax hikes, fee hikes, cuts to municipal services, municipal bonds, or public-private partnerships where businesses make off with public goods.  

UPDATE (06.26.2013):  Some guy named Marty Kaplan at HuffPo shares my envy of Brazil's protests: "Let's Be Brazil."  

By Jonathan Watts
June 21, 2013  | Guardian

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